Diablo Rod & Gun is one of five clubs which make up United Sportsmen Inc. We are an organization made up of hunters, sportsmen, fishermen, outdoors enthusiasts, and participants in shooting sports of all types. You could meet people who compete in National competitions, people who enjoy shooting a couple rounds of Skeet or Trap with good friends, hunters keeping their skills sharp for the season or a family learning about the safety and responsibility involved in gun ownership. We have over 3,000 members and offer affordable memberships for individuals and families. United Sportsmen Inc. owns and manages the property where Diablo Rod and Gun and the other clubs are based.

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603, 2015



The next Center Fire CLA Silhouette shoot is Saturday March 28th at 9am. There will be enough animals for 8 shooters per relay: 2 shooters on chickens, 2 on pigs etc. There will be 3 relays, as the event needs to finish before 1pm for the afternoon activity to start. This will double the number of shooters to a total of 24 people. We had a huge crowd last time and the match ran long. Steve Fenstress, match director, checked the number of extra animals and found out that we actually had enough to double our count.

Steve plans to put 10 chickens (at the normal 50 meters) on the left side of the usi mpr range and another set of 10 in the normal location on the right side of the range. Then, he will put 2 sets of pigs (10 each) out at the normal 100 meters. The turkeys will be at 150 yards. Finally, he will fill the 200 yard line with hopefully 20 rams, or as many as will fit.

*When Diablo purchased the old Keystone range silhouettes from […]

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1202, 2015

Review – USI Board Meeting

The USI Board meeting was held on Monday Feb 9th @ 6pm

The board discussed multiple subjects that were sometimes contentious with other board members but all in all the meeting was positive. There still seems to be a chasm between some club presidents to upgrade the USI campus to something current and modern versus just keeping our money in the piggy bank for a rainy day (e.g. a heated discussion between Walnut Creek President Kevin Anderson and USI Vice-President Bill McMahon regarding a potential new POS software that was identified at SHOT Show). Hopefully our presidents can work together and come up with a future plan for the range that will be appealing to all of our members both in Diablo and outside of it.

–Diablo Requested that another Kubota be purchased so that the golf cart at the MPR can be retired. All club presidents seemed to agree that this needed action.

That was about it… some voices were raised, angers spiked but it was a good meeting. Its encouraging to see people talk about issues at the meeting rather than things not even getting discussed because of a lack of a second to a motion. It can be trying […]

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Highlights from the Range

  • Diablo Action Pistol


I am a member of Diablo Rod and Gun Club for about 2 years now. I joined mainly because of action pistol (Diablo Action Pistol) activities. They have IDPA, USPSA, and Multigun matches every other week. Beyond action pistol, they have silhouette, rifle, skeet, clays, and many other activities year round. They also have a monthly social and meetings. I really like being a member of DR&GC.
Don’t forget, Diablo Rod and gun is associated with the CMP and fulfills that requirement when purchasing a garand! :-)
USI is not a club. Its a corporation that has a shooting range(s). It is comprised of several clubs. I have been a member with the Diablo Rod and Gun Club there for about 15 years. There are a bunch of shooting events with Diablo and membership is very reasonable compared to other clubs throughout the Bay Area. Check it out…http://diablorodandgun.com/


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Safety and Hunter Education Classes
Free Dinner every month at the Club Social

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The purposes for which the Club is formed are as follows:

- To promote the conservation of wildlife, wildlands and the use thereof
– To promote the observance and enforcement of wildlife and wildlands rules and regulations
– To promote the outdoor sports and to elevate the standards of sportsmanship
– To cooperate with sportsmen and organizations of sportsmen having similar purposes
– To educate the public in general concerning the advantages of preserving wildlife, wildlands and the use thereof
– To educate the youth and adults of the community in the safe handling of firearms
– To cooperate with other organizations and individuals in efforts to preserve the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

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