Diablo Rod & Gun is one of five clubs which make up United Sportsmen Inc. We are an organization made up of hunters, sportsmen, fishermen, outdoors enthusiasts, and participants in shooting sports of all types. You could meet people who compete in National competitions, people who enjoy shooting a couple rounds of Skeet or Trap with good friends, hunters keeping their skills sharp for the season or a family learning about the safety and responsibility involved in gun ownership. We have over 3,000 members and offer affordable memberships for individuals and families. United Sportsmen Inc. owns and manages the property where Diablo Rod and Gun and the other clubs are based.

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2201, 2015

NSSF SHOT Show Coming to a Close

The NSSF SHOT show is coming to a close here at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. The DRGC made some contacts with acoustic vendors, POS vendors for software storefront purchasing, rubber wall bullet material and much much more.

If anyone has the opportunity to go to the SHOT Show next year I would highly recommend it, the amount of sporting good vendors on display was overwhelming. If you could think of it… it was most likely there. There was a LOT of hunting related products and shotgun sports vendors, It was disappointing not to see more USI Member Clubs at the show… I think the opportunity to learn a great deal about new products for their membership was lost.

One of the odd things we saw at SHOT was a 360K… yes thats 360,000.00 set of Perazzi shotguns. You only got 4 in the set. Take a look below… for the price of a modest starter house these could be yours!

The show closes tomorrow and we’ll be headed home. At the next members meeting we will debrief everyone at the meeting of what we learned both from industry leaders and sporting goods vendors.

Stay Tuned Diablo… Lots of fun coming […]

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1701, 2015

DRGC goes to NSSF SHOT show

A couple of the board members have decided to go see what the SHOT show is all about… the drive was pretty brutal. 8+ hours in a car is not fun on a Friday night.

The show brings together all of the major manufacturers in the gun industry. This is where all of the new toys are announced, where all of the vendors like to try and sell you things for your range. It should be a great time!!

We’ll post more once the show starts… if anyone wold like us to hit up a particular booth and get some info let us know!!

check back soon

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Highlights from the Range

  • Diablo Action Pistol


I am a member of Diablo Rod and Gun Club for about 2 years now. I joined mainly because of action pistol (Diablo Action Pistol) activities. They have IDPA, USPSA, and Multigun matches every other week. Beyond action pistol, they have silhouette, rifle, skeet, clays, and many other activities year round. They also have a monthly social and meetings. I really like being a member of DR&GC.
Don’t forget, Diablo Rod and gun is associated with the CMP and fulfills that requirement when purchasing a garand! :-)
USI is not a club. Its a corporation that has a shooting range(s). It is comprised of several clubs. I have been a member with the Diablo Rod and Gun Club there for about 15 years. There are a bunch of shooting events with Diablo and membership is very reasonable compared to other clubs throughout the Bay Area. Check it out…http://diablorodandgun.com/


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Our $25 annual membership includes:
Discounted rates at the Public range
Youth shoot free at club events (no fees)
Discounts on ammunition and accessories at the clubhouse and public range
Safety and Hunter Education Classes
Free Dinner every month at the Club Social

Buy club logo merchandise online at:  http://www.cafepress.com/diablorodandgun

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The purposes for which the Club is formed are as follows:

- To promote the conservation of wildlife, wildlands and the use thereof
– To promote the observance and enforcement of wildlife and wildlands rules and regulations
– To promote the outdoor sports and to elevate the standards of sportsmanship
– To cooperate with sportsmen and organizations of sportsmen having similar purposes
– To educate the public in general concerning the advantages of preserving wildlife, wildlands and the use thereof
– To educate the youth and adults of the community in the safe handling of firearms
– To cooperate with other organizations and individuals in efforts to preserve the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

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